Re: Problem with instantiating thru bonobo_activation_query.

Thanks for helping me on this. I have been able to solve this and have
posted on the mailing list as well. Well, upgrading to a new version
is not really in my hands as my app. needs to be compliant for lower
versions as well [developer's hell ;)].

One more quick question:
It turns out that calling GNOME_Speech_Speaker_Stop code does not
behave as it should intuitively, even with test-speech [though it is
difficult to observe it on that program as the queue text for speech
is limited].

Situation is I have sent a large text for spaking to gnome-speech [not
one or two words that gnome-speech sends] and then I call
GNOME_Speech_Speaker_Stop. Whatever text had already been sent is
still spoken, then sox process dies. What should have happened is that
it should have stopped just when text has been spoken.

Is my observation correct ? Does it happen with others?

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