Problem with instantiating thru bonobo_activation_query.

I have been trying to implement a prototype for my app's interface to
gnome-speech for some time.

The code behaves quite erraticly -- some time festival driver [default
so I am using it] is instantiated correctly [so everything works just
fine] and some times only bonobo-activate and festival-synthe
processes get instantiated and final festival process does not.

I set the BONOBO_ACTIVATION_DEBUG_OUTPUT =1 so that correct message
behind this failure could be seen. Seeking help/guidance on this

Here is the relevant code:
               int num_arg = 0;
               CORBA_Environment ev;

               CORBA_exception_init (&ev);
               if (!bonobo_init (&num_arg, NULL))
                       printf ("Can't initialize Bonobo...\n");
                       return false;
               servers = bonobo_activation_query (
               "repo_ids.has ('IDL:GNOME/Speech/SynthesisDriver:0.2')",
               NULL, ev);
               if (BONOBO_EX (ev)) {
                       return CORBA_OBJECT_NIL;
               if (!servers)
                       return CORBA_OBJECT_NIL;
               i =0;
               info = &servers->_buffer[i];
               rv = bonobo_activation_activate_from_id (
                      (const Bonobo_ActivationID) info->iid,
                      0, NULL, ev);
               CORBA_free (servers);

Here is what I get as error message:

** (process:4560): WARNING **: Update registry (nil)
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Compare old_mtime on
'/usr/lib/bonobo/servers' with 0 ==? 1110381203
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Re-load 1 0
iid OAFIID:BrokenNoType:20000808 has a NULL type
invalid character '#' in iid
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Server register.
'OAFIID:Bonobo_CosNaming_NamingContext' : 0x8079320
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Update registry 0x8088658
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Update registry 0x8088658
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Update registry 0x8088658
Activate 'OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.2'
Activated 'OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.2' = (nil)
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Activation of
'OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.2' failed with
exception 'IDL:Bonobo/GeneralError:1.0'
Bonobo is initializedNo server selected.
** (process:4560): WARNING **: Server register.
'OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.2' : 0x8083808

Aditya Kumar Pandey
Contact:  +91-9868263500; +91-11-25165432

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