Re: Bonobo_PersistFile interface too synchronous load/save oriented?

Hi Archit,

On Sun, 2003-09-07 at 22:03, Archit Baweja wrote:
> Now if this "file" object is to be turned wrapped in a Bonobo Control, I can't
> just call Bonobo_PersistFile_load () followed by add_to_mdi (). I have to wait
> till its done loading.

	Right; which sucks.

> This is where I felt that the Bonobo_PersistFile lends itself to a more 
> synchronous file ops approach. 


> So the question is, is there something I'm missing that makes 
> Bonobo_PersistFile flexible enough to be implemented for asynchronous file ops?
> Or do I define my own IDL interface would have to define Events?
> (much like the Gtk+, signals) and use it with a EventListener etc?

	You need to spawn a thread to do it in; that's the only way to make it
sufficiently asynchronous for your needs I think. Also, it's only
thread-safe in Gnome 2.4 (ORBit-2.8.0+).



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