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Hi Pouria,

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 14:27, pmasoudi cs unibo it wrote:
> It is my understanding that bonobo knows how to activate a server by
> looking at a .server configuration file. In the specific case of the echo
> sample, I've
> modified the "location" attribute of the factory (in the .server file) so
> that it points to the executable bonobo-echo-2 (I've tried both relative
> and absolute paths), then I added the dir containing the server to the
> OAF_INFO_PATH env variable. I've also tried to rename the .server file
> into a corresponding .oaf one, with no luck.

	Ok - you should be using libbonobo - and bonobo-activation, rather than
OAF. You should add the path to BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH; and you need to
force b-a-s to re-start with that environment variable set; thus try
killall -9 bonobo-activation-server [this will have some peripheral
nasty side-effects on the desktop]. Better, if you've got Gnome 2.3.X
you can do: activation-client --add-path=/tmp/foo - to add a path to a
running b-a-s instance.



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