Re: transferring images through ORBit and gdk_draw_rgb_image

Hi Oliver / Peter,

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 08:35, Peter Van Osta wrote:
> > I am facing the same problem, which I solved for the moment with this
> > IDL :

	We should move these helpers into libbonoboui then certainly, so that
we can cope with new pixbuf formats etc. as they arrive in some slightly
wrapped fashion I think.

	Oliver, are you interested in hacking this up, for inclusion into
libbonoboui / libbonobo ? I guess we need a Bonobo_GdkPixbuf module in
libbonobo/idl/Bonobo_Gdk.idl - at least.

> > The easiest way I found to convert the raw data to some other format
> > (pixbuf, png, ...) is to use the PIL library in python, which solves my
> > problems in a minimum of lines of code :

	FWIW there is a nasty hack to turn a GdkPixbuf into a string in
libbonoboui/bonobo/bonobo-ui-util.c, see the pixbuf_to_xml /
xml_to_pixbuf routines :-)



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