Re: putting bonobo into an IDL


Thanks for the advice. I could have geussed that mixing IDL and C wasn't
a good idea, but in my enthusiasm I hoped it would work. After getting
some documentation I am starting to "see the light" about Bonobo.

With ORBit and Bonobo is be feasible to turn our high-throughput
microscopy reader into a real distributed image acquisition and analysis
system. I already ahd the CORBA part readyfor use, but I was missing
Bonob to complete the system.

The system design makes it possible to run several automated microscope
readers (with sample loading robot) attached to a high-throughput
backbone or robotics system and in parallel analyse the images on either
the same computer or on powerful servers.

We have been doing high volume automated microscopy for more than ten
years now (on Silicon Graphics workstations and servers), but now with
ORBit and Bonobo the system will run smoothly and distributed on Linux
systems. I hope to add the sytem to the succesful examples of
"industrial scale" applications, based on ORBit and Bonobo.

Many thanks to the ORBit and Bonobo developing community !

Best regards,

Peter Van Osta

Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 16:13, Peter Van Osta wrote:
> > I know that bonobo is not a part of CORBA, but is there some way to
> > include code into an IDL-file as shown on the webpage, this would
> > facilitate manintainig the code for both server and the client.
>         No; that example includes both IDL and C in the same box; ultimately
> IDL is a common standard, you don't want your code included in it IMHO.
> Unfortunately compiling IDL isn't the easiest thing to do; you'll need
> to pinch some Makefile fragments from somewhere that gets it right I
> think.
> >  it is of
> > course possible to insert all the necessary bonob code into the server
> > and the client by hand, but this doesn't facilitate manintenance.
>         I'm not quite sure what you're saying; you should link to libbonobo in
> the normal way if you use it at all.
>         HTH,
>                 Michael.
> --
>  mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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