Re: bonobo_control_set_transient_for problem

Jeroen Zwartepoorte <jeroen xs4all nl> writes: 
> Since it's just a hack to find the toplevel GdkWindow and not actually
> the GtkWindow, it also doesn't set GtkWindow->transient_parent. Which in
> turn causes the dialog to be unable to center itself over it's parent
> (see gtkwindow.c:gtk_window_compute_configure_request (4018)).

The centering there is just if you set GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER_ON_PARENT
which is basically a bogus option people shouldn't use.

> The dialog is positioned (with metacity) at 0,0 instead of centered over
> the parent.

I believe this is due to a separate GTK bug (sets PPosition when it
shouldn't).  It's in bugzilla for GTK.

I don't think there's a Bonobo bug here.


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