Re: Refs & Leases ...

On Mon, 28 May 2001, Ian McKellar wrote:
> Well, a client calling ref can add a local gtk_timeout to renew the
> leases and on the server side, incoming ref calls can add a
> gtk_timeout which calls the real object unref. When unref is called by
> a client, the timeout associated with the ref on that object is
> removed

	There is no concept of ownership with reference counts. This means
that the 'client' that called ref may not be the one that releases that
same reference. References are passed, and far, far worse than this -
referencing is explicit - therefore it is not possible to distinguish
passing references ref counts vs. storing references ref counts reliably.

	That's the problem :-) And AFAICS any solutions to this involve
just as much work as making reference accounting work nicely and reliably
across process, which is IMHO a nicer model anyway.



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