Re: Bonobo UI XML

Murray Cumming wrote:
> So, according to the API reference for BonoboWindow, "Its API mandates
> the use of XML to specify your UI". This XML file seems to be used in
> the example code, in the call to bonobo_ui_util_set_ui(). So where can I
> find a description of these XML files? What DTD do they use?

OK, now I have more of a clue about the ui xml files.

Is there a way specify an XML file from memory, or must it always be on
a hard disk somewhere? Does this use of disk access have implications
for multi-threading?

Presumably there is also a way to programatically add/remove/change
things like menu items and toolbar items, though it sounds like an XML
file is *always* needed at the start. If so, which interfaces are used
to do this?

If these issues have already been discussed then please just give me a
link and I'll stop wasting your time.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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