Re: GConf vs. bonobo-config

Glynn Foster <glynn foster sun com> writes:

> Hrm...I maybe on crack but....
> 	Where do non-component [non-bonobo] based apps fit into this?
> If we start using bonobo-config, which *isn't* a wrapper for gconf [which I assume
> from the discussion], for component based apps and GConf for non-component based
> apps [which we have no alternative - except using CORBA when we don't really need] 
> then we have a big, ugly mess...

I don't see the problem here.

With GNOME 2, there are no "non-component based apps", Bonobo is integral part of the
platform, so you always have bonobo-config in your app.

While all desktop-wide configuration data is managed by bonobo-config, you can of course
choose whatever you like for configuration data which is private to your application.

Sure it'd be great to have everything switch to bonobo-config, but there's no need to do
so if your application is already using GConf.

Btw. all you guys need to learn the difference between "is a" and "can be used as" (as a
math student, "X is a Y" means both "X can be used as Y" and "Y can be used as X" for me).

I already read a couple of mails in this thread with this "bonobo-config is not a wrapper"
=> "bonobo-config is bad" nonsense.

Of course, bonobo-config can be used as a GConf wrapper.

        { the functionality of bonobo-config } == { a GConf wrapper } + X   ; X != 0

> >From looking at it seems that 
> back in May 3rd, neither bonobo-config nor GConf were part of the GNOME platform.
> If we can't agree on either, then gnome_config_* it is will solve all
> problems....but obviously is a very poor solution....and poor isn't in my definition
> of GNOME 2.0 :/

GConf is not in this diagram since Michaal and me already planned to use bonobo-config back then.

bonobo-config is not in the diagram since Michael, Dietmar and me are still discussing where
to put it. It is our plan to the "what you need from it" part of bonobo-config into either Bonobo
or libgnome to avoid the "run-time dependency on something which isn't already a compile time
dependency" problem.

gnome_config_ isn't in the diagram because a) it is not part of GNOME 2.0 and b) the diagram
shows modules and not filenames and thus some-file-in-libcompat.c doesn't show up in that diagram.

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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