Re: GConf vs. bonobo-config

Dietmar Maurer <dietmar ximian com> writes: 
> Many. I have already made two announcements on the gnome lists. We also had an
> extensive discussion on the gconf list (half a year ago). Most people at Ximian
> are aware of the project, and I have even talked to peoples at Sun
> ;-)

The discussion on the GConf list was about a WRAPPER. This is a REIMPLEMENTATION.
> unified interface for property values, 

Wrapper does this.

> code cleanup, code reuse,

Code reuse != reimplementation of existing code, code cleanup is
debatable (e.g. much of GConf code is really ugly due to error
handling which I can't find in your code anywhere - so that hardly
counts as a cleanup "gee I removed needed functionality, look code is

> CORBA interface,
> scriptable, CORBA_any, ...

Wrapper does all those.
> We can even provide fully compatible function.

Have you done that? No.

> > It sure does look like a whole big subsystem is just being sneaked in
> > through the back door.
> >
> You missed some previous discussions.

I guess I missed them too - gee I'm the main person who's worked on
this issue. How did that happen.



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