Re: bonobo_client_site_new_item

Hi Lutz,

On 23 Jul 2001, Lutz Mller wrote:
> bonobo_client_site_new_item seems to be broken. The test is commented
> out of bonobo/tests, and I couldn't find any application using it
> (besides in gnumeric where I discovered that it isn't working -  
> actually, isn't used). Calling the function will result in lots of
> warnings (no, the parameters are ok) leading to a seg-fault before the
> function returns.
> Is it just that nobody uses this function that it is still broken?
        Yes - Mike Kestner has fixed all this in libbonoboui, I think you
should probably be looking to work on the Gnome 2.0 platform, since Bonobo
is frozen - we cannot fix API issues like this there. Indeed, I am keen on
not adding any features to Bonobo 1.0, and simply bug fixing it.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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