X clipboard

Diego González <dggonz yahoo com> writes:
> 	while reading the KDE 3.0 beta 1 announcement i found this, it talks
> about the clipboard that KDE 3.0 provides:
>     *  KDE continues to offer the standard X-type clipboard; selected
> text is copied to this clipboard, and clicking the middle mouse button
> pastes the contents of this clipboard; and
>     * KDE also offers a complementary, independent Windows/Mac-type
> clipboard; text is inserted in the clipboard using an application's
> cut/copy (or generally Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c) function, and the application's
> paste (or generally Ctrl-x) function pastes the contents of this
> clipboard;
> maybe it is time to talk to them about implementing a clipboard server
> (?) specification so that applications running in GNOME and KDE can
> interoperate and use a clipboard better than the one X-Window provides.

I think this announcement must be confused - X already has a
Windows/Mac type clipboard.


I hope nothing incompatible has been introduced, that will just make
the whole clipboard confusion worse.  Can someone clarify?


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