Re: status on undo

>  We have a 3/4-done (working, checked in to cvs, but still messy) framework
>  for doing Undo across a set of Bonobo controls in Nautilus. Before I lay out
>  the details of our implementation so we can consider moving it into Bonobo
>  at some point, I was wondering if anyone else was working on Undo and if so,
>  what progress had been made.

Speaking of undo stuff, at some point we'll need to provide undo-enabling
wrappers for common widgets.

In some dialog boxes like Outlook's appointment editor there is a menu
bar and toolbar; both change as appropriate when a widget in the
dialog gets the focus.  If a text entry or big text field is focused,
then the Edit/{Cut/Copy/Paste} items are enabled, and it also has

So for example, if you go to a text entry and delete a block of text,
you can hit Edit/Undo to restore it.

That is a fairly tight level of GUI integration, and I think users
would like it.

Maybe wrapping every single widget in a control is stupid, but it
would be nice to have stuff like

	void bonobo_wrap_gtk_entry (GtkEntry *entry, BonoboUIHandler *uih);

	void bonobo_wrap_gtk_text (GtkText *text, BonoboUIHandler *uih);

etc.  This would add some of the usual commands to the widgets as well
as undo/redo capabilities.

This is just pie in the sky, I know, but it would be nice to have :-)


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