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On Tue Aug 29, 2000 at 08:55:10AM +0900, Makoto SHIGA wrote:
-> thank you very much all.
-> > You can try . The
-> i have already read that URL.
-> of cause it is good page.
-> >Have you had a look at bonobo/bonobo-doc ?
-> >
-> >Good luck!
-> it is same contents isn't it?
-> Things that I don't understand is "It is same role bonobo POA and CORBA
-> POA?","what is factory?" and so on.
-> It is difficult for me to image these contents.
-> but I want to understand bonobo!

bonobo-doc was written by Mathieu Lacage (most of it) and me, and it
is slowly getting more and more obsolete... However, Mathieu and me
are writing a new & improved bonobo-doc, in fact, it will be a
book. Don't hold your breath though, it will take some time before
running to your nearest bookstore will result in anything but
disappointment and tears.

So, what can you do now? Well, for general CORBA information I'd
advice 'Advanced CORBA programming with C++' from
Henning/Vinoski. It gives you both a good overview and a very detailed
discussion of CORBA 2.3. You can combine it with the CORBA C-binding
reference documents from OMG to map the C++ stuff to plain-C. For
Bonobo, you can read 'Inside OLE' from Kraigh Brockschmidt (the book
is quite good, you just have to ignore all the BS the author is
writting about how OLE is like Zen-Buddism etc.). Like the CORBA book, it's a
good *backgrounder*, but it won't really help you writing your
plain-vanilla Bonobo control.

If your're really looking for a how-to type of thing, the best thing
is to check the samples/ directory in the Bonobo source
distribution. The examples are pretty good. Also, there's some
documentation in the doc/ directory.


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