Re: Problems compiling Gnome-DB

I send this mail to gnome-db-list with CC.

>>>>> On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 19:02:50 -0500,
>>>>> "MP" == "Marty Phee" <> wrote:

MP> When I try to compile Gnome-db I keep having problems with gda-components.
MP> It can't find BonoboPropertyBagClient.  I looked through in
MP> both gnome-db and bonobo, and can't find any references of it.
MP> Is BonoboPropertyBagClient old?

yes, gnome-db doesn't support the newest version of
Bonobo(0.17 or higher) yet. and OAF(0.5.0 or higher) is not
completely supported, too.

This problem will be fixed soon.

Best regards,
Akira TAGOH <at@ue-spacy.ccom>

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