Re: Problems with the Stream interface

Alex Graveley <> writes:

> Hi,
> What about using DII to make deferred synchronous
> requests?
> You would make a CORBA_Request for the stream, add a
> function to the event loop which would poll for new
> data, fetch it, then issue a callback.
> This could all be wrapped in something that looks like
> an async stream interface, but with a whole lot less
> work.
> Benefits of this are easy implementation, not forcing
> threading on unaware apps, and minimal impact on
> existing code.


Much like Dave's proposal, this addresses the wrong end of the
issue. What I want is for a Stream _server_ to not have to block when
a client makes a request; instead, I want it to be able to call back
when the data is ready, without having to block so it can return it
from the sekeleton. Maybe DSI can help with this problem, but I don't
know how well supported that is by ORBit, and it seems more sensible
to solve this problem at the IDL level than the "weird CORBA magic"
level; this is the way it's handled in the gnome-vfs CORBA back end
for instance.

 - Maciej

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