Re: oaf gnome-factory problems

Rodrigo Moya <> writes:

> Hi all!
> I am trying to compile a program which makes use of GnomeFactory, and
> which compiled and run successfully with gnorba, but now with OAF I get
> these errors:
> ../../lib/gda-server/.libs/ undefined reference to
> `POA_GNOME_GenericFactory__fini'
> ../../lib/gda-server/.libs/ undefined reference to
> `_ORBIT_skel_GNOME_GenericFactory_create_object'
> ../../lib/gda-server/.libs/ undefined reference to
> `POA_GNOME_GenericFactory__init'
> ../../lib/gda-server/.libs/ undefined reference to
> `_ORBIT_GNOME_GenericFactory_CannotActivate_marshal'
> ../../lib/gda-server/.libs/ undefined reference to
> `_ORBIT_skel_GNOME_GenericFactory_supports'
> as I was told by Michael, this is very strange, but, if I run:
> [rodrigo@txalaparta] nm /usr/lib/ | grep GenericFactory
> 0000b7e0 T GNOME_GenericFactory_CannotActivate__free
> 00010560 D GNOME_GenericFactory__classid
> 0000b3c0 T GNOME_GenericFactory_create_object
> 0000b1d0 T GNOME_GenericFactory_supports
> 00010520 D TC_GNOME_GenericFactory_CannotActivate_struct
> 000104e0 D TC_GNOME_GenericFactory_struct
> 0000b1a0 T _ORBIT_GNOME_GenericFactory_CannotActivate_demarshal
> so those functions are not in liboaf nor in the files generated by
> orbit-idl. where are they?

I think they are in the skeletons of the factory. 

liboaf does not link against the skeletons of the factory because it does 
not use them. I guess you are trying to implement a factory yourself, no ?

If so, we can fix this in the upcomming release by making liboaf link
against oaf-factory-skels.c (add it in liboaf/ -> source section)

If this fixes your problem, I think maciej will be happy to make it work 
for you, (we already discussed this sooner and he agreed with me: we can do 
it :)


> What am I doing wrong?
> cheers
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