bonobo questions


here is my load of questions for sunday evening concerning the GnomeObject 

1) i noticed that there is no gnome_object_new or 
gnmoe_object_new_with_servant function. Is this on purpose ? or is this 
something to be done ?

2) i noticed that impl_GNOME_Unknown_ref  does not call gnome_object_ref . 
This is to be considered a bug i think.

3) i noticed that gnome_object_query_interface calls 
impl_GNOME_unknown_query_interface but that gnome_object_unref is called by  
impl_GNOME_unknown_unref instead of having gnome_object_unref calling 
impl_GNOME_unknown_unref. This is not really nice. perhaps more consistency 
in the code would be better.

4) what use is the query_interface signal ? is it aimed at allowing the user 
to hook its own signal handler on it ? If so, what could such a signal 
handler be usefull for ?


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