Re: rms contact

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, David [iso-8859-1] Martínez Oliveira wrote:
> > Maybe this isn't the best place for this request, but upto the momment I
> > don't know any other.
> > 
> > I´m talking with Richard Stallman at GNU about EDMA, and in a message I
> > told him to follow the ORBit's development for make it work with EDMA.
> What is EDMA?

EDMA is a component object model system that Mr. Oliveira has been working
on for a while.  It has a webpage (in Spanish only), I don't recall the
URL, but it is in the archives of gnome-components-list (just search for

In discussions between Mr. Oliveira and RMS, RMS suggested that since EDMA
was free component software, that it might be a good idea to work with us.
In discussions between Mr. Oliveira and I (on this list), I suggested
that in order for EDMA to work well with GNOME, it would have to talk
CORBA, probably using DII.  I don't know how implementation-specific DII
is, but it would definitely need to know how to talk to ORBit, and
possibly Mico as well.

The way I see it, if he can pull off an EDMA-CORBA bridge, that will give
programmers another option that will stay within the GNOME/CORBA specs.
Looking at EDMA, it seems best suited for a single complicated application
that needs various elements interacting.  It may offer advantages over
straight CORBA for certain developers, and it certainly won't detract from
CORBA for the rest of us.


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