colord 0.1.0 released!

First, some background: colord is a project I've been working on since

It is a simple system daemon that will be used by GCM and CUPS to
manage per-system device-profile mapping.

If you want to try it out with CUPS right now, you'll have to use our
development tree and be sure to
switch to the 'icc' branch. When we've got all the different options
and overrides worked out we'll of course push the patchset back to
CUPS upstream. Tim Waugh has been doing most of the CUPS work, whilst
I've been working on the colord project.

colord works a lot like colorsync on OSX, so the CUPS changes are
really quite small.

Checkout the code from -- test it, and try
to break it. The included cd-self-test program gives you some examples
of what we're testing already. Tim has also built the cups-icc patch
into Fedora rawhide, which might be an easier way for some people
rather than to build the whole of CUPS.

If you're only interested in pretty things, there's a screenshot of
the admin tool here:
-- note the admin tool is designed for developers and programmers,
*not* end users :-)

Comments (and patches!) welcome, thanks.


Version 0.1.0
Released: 2011-01-13

 - Colord is a simple system activated daemon that maps devices to color
 - It is used by gnome-color-manager for CUPS integration and is also
   used when there are no users logged in.
 - The only real user at the moment is CUPS, but GNOME Color Manager
   will start depending on colord when it is included in most mainstream
 - The DBus interface is not set in stone, and the libcolord library
   will have new API added to it as required. If colord needs to break
   public API at this stage for a specific use case, it will.
 - The persistent storage code is not written yet, but that will come
   with the next colord version.

New Features:
 - Add a 'Kind' attribute to the device objects (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a libcolord shared library that can be used in the client tools
(Richard Hughes)
 - Add an example spec file (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a simple colormgr man page (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a simple GTK test GUI for testing the DBus interfaces (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a simple script to create a test device (Richard Hughes)
 - Add basic DBus interface (Richard Hughes)
 - Add code for the DeleteDevice method (Richard Hughes)
 - Add DeleteProfile() on the main interface (Richard Hughes)
 - Add GetProfileForQualifier() code (Richard Hughes)
 - Add MakeProfileDefault() implementation to CdDevice (Richard Hughes)
 - Add qualifiers to profiles (Richard Hughes)
 - Allow clients to set properties on the objects using SetProperty
(Richard Hughes)
 - Expose the device created time (Richard Hughes)
 - Fixed typo in ColorManager API description (Tim Waugh)
 - Open the profile using lcms2 after we set the profile filename
(Richard Hughes)
 - Provide a method to assign an ICC profile to a profile object
(Richard Hughes)
 - Provide methods for mapping the device ID to the object path (Richard Hughes)
 - Use seporate PolicyKit authorisations for each action type (Richard Hughes)


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