Re: Requirements for bugsquad team for alternatives to Bugzilla/cgit

On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 7:58 PM, Carlos Soriano
<carlos soriano89 gmail com> wrote:
Ping here, now it's your time to make your needs heard.

What you’re asking for here is kind of an impossible task. There is no
single workflow for the bugsquad and the way we work is already
documented at

A few things we need:
* the bug tracker to be good (I know that’s vague)
* with a good search engine
* ways to sort bugs into small manageable groups (currently done with
fields like component, severity, version…)
* an easy way to find old/untouched bugs to check if they are obsolete
by trying to reproduce them or to reassign/ping someone or to ask for
a patch to be rebased…
* an easy way to find code that’s waiting for review or needs to be
rewritten (currently in attached patches but could be merge requests
or anything like that)
* reports like “top 15 modules” at

Bonus points for:
* ability to do mass edits
* quick way to find duplicates and close them

These lists are by no means exhaustive as one could write a book about
that, hopefully that’s useful.

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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