GNOME 3.2 Blocker Report for week 35

Data taken from Bugzilla (bug reports with GNOME Target field set):

Total number: 15 bugs. 

Comments (e.g. important issues that are missing in this list), status
updates, and help (patches or reviews) very welcome!

empathy: Add a MC gnome-online-accounts plugin
This is done in a separate branch and work in progress.

gnome-control-center: Network: custom connections don't show up in the
There is an old patch by hadess available.

gnome-control-center: network: implement options ourselves

gnome-control-center: Add support for missing timezones

gnome-menus: Tools to perform system administration should be available
in the menus somehow
Patches available in the report.

gnome-shell: gnome-screensaver and activities overview

gnome-shell: Add brightness control to system icons

gnome-shell: Everybody freeze! smooth xrandr transitions
Patch available and awaiting review.

gnome-shell: gnome-shell 3.2 feature/UI freeze tracker
This metabug currently has four reports open.
All four of them have patches attached.

gnome-shell: Sound status: Use Alt to show default input/output

gnome-utils: Port to GSettings
Patch available that needs more work.

libgnomekbd: layout indicator issues
Patch available awaiting review.

metacity: Migrate to GSettings
Big patch available awaiting review.

mutter: switching between single and multi monitor puts all windows in
one desktop
Patch available and reviewed, needs an update.

totem: totem has dependency on mx

Note that migrating evolution-data-server to GSettings has been
postponed to 3.4:


For the records, we still have quite some open so-called  "important"
bugs from the 2.91 times that "should" get fixed but don't block the
release. I will again list them here:

cheese: Cheese is not able to do live theora encoding

evince: remove NoDisplay=true

Evolution: Don't use a status icon in evolution-alarm-notify

gnome-control-center: add and remove printers

gnome-control-center: network: add a way to 'forget' wireless

gnome-control-center: don't show ""Disconnected"" when cable is plugged
in but device is off

gnome-icon-theme: some rtl variants needed

gnome-shell: Dash items on the overview requires a meaningful name

gnome-shell: Calendar day names and ""all day"" badly ellipsized in

gnome-shell: Clicking on ""Open Calendar"" in GNOME Opens Evo's Mail

gnome-shell: show message tray when the user is inactive

gnome-shell: battery icon is a spaz when unplugging power cord

gnome-shell: Make sure we always use an icon for the message tray source

gnome-shell: separate banner and summary modes

gnome-themes-standard: HighContrastInverse: missing control-center icons

gnome-themes-standard: HighContrast: missing stock icons

gnome-themes-standard: HighContrastInverse: missing stock icons

gnome-themes-standard: HighContrast: missing control-center icons

gtk+: No way to programmatically update visual state of a button

gtk+: [gnome-terminal] When using theme

gtk+: [Tracker] Missing accessor functions

metacity: Improve keybindings and descriptions

metacity: sync window decoration style with mutter

mutter: I can't read the whole shortcuts descriptions

NetworkManager: not using symbolic icons

orca: Migrate to GSettings

Yelp: window opens too small

Yelp: title text flashes/blinks when clicking links

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