Re: Handing out editbugs+canconfirm


On 19.09.2010 00:57, Olav Vitters wrote:
> If anyone has been triaging for a while and wants to hand out bugsquad
> permissions to (assist) new people, please reply and specify your email
> address used on GNOME Bugzilla.
Thanks for pushing that :-)

> Just make sure to follow new people and guide them.
Ideally, we could give new people editbugs right away but automatically
monitor them. I haven't really thought about it, but I feel that the
ideal solution involves a "pool" of unreviewed bugzilla edits, i.e. a
newcomer changes status of a bug and this action gets put into a pool of
unreviewed actions. A higher privileged person can either acknowledge or
simply undo the operation. If the pool is full, no new actions could be
performed which is equivalent to the current situation where nobody can
edit bugs right away.

Does that make kind of sense? Could we write a module (or whatever) for
bugzilla to implement that behaviour?


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