Annual GNOME Bugzilla statistics for 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

once again it's time to take a look at GNOME Bugzilla activity in 2009
though no scripts were run yet to provide more information because they
probably have not been ported to Bugzilla 3.4. Anyway, the basic info

Please keep in mind to not draw too many conclusions from these values,
especially because some of them might be wrong. :-P

Overall statistics:
                                2009    2008    2007
  Open reports at the end(*):   40527  37180    33967
  Opened in that year:          39403  59309   114043
  Closed in that year:          40280  56546   108807
    (*): Excludes reports marked as enhancements
    [A valuable number of reports had also been blocked by
     GNOME Bugzilla's auto-reject feature until 08/2009 or 
     went to which is down.]

The following people closed more than 700 bugs in 2009:
  2434       Akhil Laddha
  1784       Fabio Durán Verdugo
  1471       André Klapper
   939       Bastien Nocera
   782       Milan Crha
   762       Matthew Barnes
   746       Tobias Mueller

The following people reported more than 300 bugs in 2009:
   508       André Klapper
   429       Pedro Villavicencio
   371       Bastien Nocera
   322       Matthias Clasen
   312       Vincent Untz
   297	     Akhil Laddha
   253       Jean-François Fortin Tam

The following people contributed more than 200 patches in 2009:
   393       Milan Crha
   365       Colin Walters
   300       Javier Jardón
   257       Owen Taylor
   227       Dan Winship
   205       Matthias Clasen

The following people reviewed more than 150 patches in 2009:
   273       Owen Taylor
   177       Bastien Nocera
   174       Sebastian Dröge
   166       Dan Winship
   164       Milan Crha

Some info about the above people (please correct the many mistakes I've
made in pointing out roles):

Akhil Laddha works for Novell on Evolution QA but also helps triaging
any incoming GNOME reports.

Fabio Durán Verdugo has also been constantly triaging bug reports all
over the place.

Bastien Nocera works for Red Hat, maintains Totem, hacks on Bluetooth
stuff & many more packages.

Milan Crha and Matthew Barnes both work for Red Hat on Evolution.

Tobias Mueller was an Evolution SoC student and has been spreading the
word by giving talks about the GNOME Bugsquad at various conferences.

Pedro Villavicencio forwards many reports from Debian and Ubuntu, works
for Canonical and maintains Hipo, an ipod management tool.

Matthias Clasen maintains GTK+ and works on a whole bunch of other
packages for Red Hat.

Vincent Untz is GNOME Release Manager, works for Suse and maintains
several GNOME modules (on the paper at least ;-).

Jean-François Fortin Tam mostly works on Pitivi.

Colin Walters maintains gnome-shell and works for Red Hat.

Javier Jardón has been pushing hard GnomeGoals and deprecation/cleanup
work for GNOME 3 by filing reports and providing patches. Besides, he is
into GTK+ development.

Owen Taylor maintains GTK+ and gnome-shell and works for Red Hat.

Dan Winship maintains libsoup, has been working on gnio/GResolver and
works for Red Hat.

Sebastian Dröge mostly hacks on GStreamer and works for Collabora.

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