Bugsquad 2009-08-03 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs at http://live.gnome.org/JavierJardon/Bugsquad

==== Old untouched bugs ====

* What they are and how to close them

DISCUSSED: Bugs with more than 1 year without any activity (excluding
enhancement requests) -> set NEEDINFO state -> 6 weeks without
response -> close as INCOMPLETE

ACTION: AndreKlapper will do a new stock response for this case. He
will warn the reporter that he has 6 weeks to respond before the bug
being closed.

==== NEEDINFO bugs ====

* how long before closing them as INCOMPLETE

DISCUSSED: 6 weeks

==== Use of the NEW status ====

* use NEW for TRIAGED instead of CONFIRMED
* PROS: easier triage, reporters don't feel like nobody takes care of
their issue
* CONS: some developers don't like it when triagers set their bugs to NEW


==== Should we use NOTABUG resolution ====

* how to deal with suggestion requests
* brainstorm.gnome.org is not a good idea for GNOME
* keep NOTABUG resolution current use

DISCUSSED: no changes

==== Discuss the severity and priority fields ====

* kill priority field? (a bit confusing for novices, is really useful?)
* some developers use these fields to better organize their bugs

DISCUSSED: no changes

==== Kill VERIFIED and CLOSED status ====

* a developer closes as FIXED, a reporter then closes as VERIFIED, a
product manager then closes as CLOSED
* not frequently used in GNOME

DISCUSSED: no changes

ACTION: AndreKlapper and JavierJardon will update stock responses to
ask reporters to verify the fix after it has landed in distribution.

==== What to do with bugs about deprecated modules? ====


1) Talk to maintainer first and get agreement (CC bugsquad list)
2) Add a warning comment that module is now deprecated and to please
check against potential new module and set status to NEEDINFO
3) Otherwise close 6 weeks later if untouched, set flag
obsolete-module-2009 or something else

- SusanaPereira contact debian-gnome
- SusanaPereira upgrade list of deprecated modules in bugzilla
- JavierJardon make a table with deprecated modules and their
maintainers. See http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/DeprecatedModules and
- AndreKlapper make a "stock email" to contact maintainers

==== Next Meeting ====

* Next meeting will be in September (one month from now)

ACTION: TobiasMueller set a new date for next meeting using doodle


Susana Pereira

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