Re: GUADEC call for papers: Bugsquad BoF?


On 28.02.2008 14:41, Andre Klapper wrote:
> i'm thinking of submitting a guadec tangle proposal for triaging bugs in
> gnome bugzilla. is that a good idea? anybody interested in joining so we
> can hold the potential workshop in a team? :)
Sure, I love that idea. Especially for stressing the U in GUADEC. And I
know that learning triaging from the bugmasters is a real help :) In
fact, it made me a triager. So my hope is to get more people involved in
bug triaging.

I'd say, the purpose of such a work should be to introduce interested
people to bug triaging and help them with the very first steps as well
as common problems and behaviour. Thus we should give a small lecture on
bug triaging and do a hand-on session (workshop, as proposed) afterwards.

If the interest in this grows and such a practical session is planned,
someone should make sure that the WiFi works. At least at last GUADEC,
the wireless has been a bit flaky on the venue.


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