Re: [RFC] GNOME 2.18 Showstopper Review

On 4/11/07, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:

Subject: GNOME 2.18 Showstopper Review

How about just "Showstopper Review"?  These issues would seem to
affect the 2.19 cycle underway as well.

To: d-d-l, r-t

another quick list of our worst current crashers. feel encouraged to
take a look and to help out with fresh ideas.

=> Evolution crashes sometimes when closing main window

I like the brief how-to-trigger description.  It'd be really nice if
you could this for the other bugs too (or at least mention that there
aren't any good duplication instructions yet); currently, it is
missing from the other bugs other than the gtk+ ones.  (Well, the icon
cache description isn't perfect, but it may not be possible to provide
a better description without fixing it, I'm guessing)

The additional info in general looks really good (minus perhaps the
attempt to assign to mclasen) for all the bugs.

Thanks for working on this!


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