Re: how to debug a program when the session freezes

Rod Butcher wrote:

Can somebody tell me how to get a gdb trace when the app I'm debugging
freezes my X session ? I'm running gnome-system-monitor from a
terminal : gdb gnome-system-monitor which freezes up the X session when
I click on the top menu line. The only way I can get out is by by
al-ctl-f1 and killing the X session from the linux command line. How do
I send the gdb output to a file for later retrieval, and is it possible
to get the stack trace some other way, without X ?
You can control-alt-F1 first, export DISPLAY=:0, then run gdb from there. The app should appear in your X session, but gdb will run in the terminal.

In terms of sending the gdb output to a file, hopefully this is helpful:


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