GnuCash bug reports


Greg pointed out to me that GnuCash is requesting help for volunteers to
clean up the GnuCash bug reports and even submit patches to fix various
issues at .  May I suggest a couple
resources that may help you?

First, the bugsquad has a triage guide at  It contains basic
guidelines on finding duplicates, handling bugs that are misfiled, working
with bugs that don't have enough info, etc.  You could link to it from
your page where you request help as a way to get people started.  If
you find any shortcomings with the triage guide, please don't hesitate to
let us know.

Second, the bugsquad runs a Bug Day on Thursdays (in #bugs).  We have had
developers from various projects (especially nautilus) join the channel
for part of the day to answer special questions relating to triaging bugs
for those projects.  You are more than welcome to do the same.

Third, Fernando is running Gnome Love days in #gnome-love on Tuesdays to
help those who want to fix bugs and assist the development of Gnome
projects but may need help getting started.  They would love to have you
provide a list of easy-fix bugs for them to post and/or join the channel
to help people begin.


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