Re: bugzilla product for Glom, please?

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 09:09, Murray Cumming wrote:

> Could someone add a bugzilla product for Glom, please?

Sure, if you can answer a couple questions.

> Description: "Simple database environment."
> I'd like the following components:

I need a description for each component as well.

> general
> build
> data mode
> find mode
> design
> users
> reports
> printing
> The default owner should be murrayc murray com

The owner has to be a registered bugzilla user, and apparently this
address is not one.

> If you need to add versions (though it's hard to predict future version
> numbers), then you might add

For those in the know, is our policy to not add future versions until
they exist?  That was the impression I had, but I'm not really sure...


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