merrily 2.6 bugs roll along- it's time for bug day again

It's time for regular bug days to start up again.[1] So... tomorrow,
from 9AM EST[2] to 9PM EST tomorrow I'll be making a fool of myself
saying 'hello' to every new face I see in #bugs on and
asking, nay, begging, them to help work on untriaged GNOME 2.4 and 2.5

I can beg everyone because virtually anyone with decent ability to read
English can be a great bug volunteer- some user experience with gnome
and some amount of common sense are the only other real requirements. 

There is lots more information in the FAQ:

But the important thing is that anyone with 1/2 hour to spare can hang
out tomorrow and help move GNOME closer to a stable, cool GNOME 2.6.0.

See you tomorrow- 9:00AM EST-9:00PM EST (1400UTC->2400UTC)-

[1] Of course, I just booked myself to be on a plane all next Thursday.
Idiot, Idiot, Idiot. I'm going to get better about that, I promise.


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