Re: add to triage guide?

Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 13:33, Luis Villa wrote:
Ah, I was unclear- I meant to the cc: line, yes. I think that if
anything, it is the reverse- a 'newbie' bug person should cc: themselves
so that (1) they can hear praise if they've done the right thing (2)
they can learn if they make a mistake and someone corrects them and (3)
they can trivially follow up if they've asked someone for
information/clarification and that person responds.

Fair enough; I bow to your superior understanding. :-)
As do I     *all hail luis*

I think it's a great idea. When I first started booooging, I think I screwed up a bunch of them and never knew. :-) It would have been good to see the changes made to my triaged bugs so I could get better faster. And this will probably get people more first-time people involved longer, it's always cool to watch the life cycle of your first triaged bug.

~ Bryan

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