Re: Automatic installation of drivers/agent in Windows XP

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 02:58:43PM -0300, Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues wrote:
> > The way I see things working for gnome-boxes is that:
> > - it copies the viostor driver and a txtsetup.oem file to the unattended
> >   floppy
> > - (optional) adding DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore may be needed if we use
> >   drivers whose signature Windows doesn't like
> > - either it copies a post-install driver installer to the floppy, or it uses an iso
> >   image with the post-install driver installer
> ^ Provided that you have a post install driver installer, this works.
> Problem is that for virtio, there's none as far as I know.

Before looking into driver autoinstallation, I've been working on a NSIS
installer to make SPICE driver installation much easier, so things converge
very nicely here. The installer is at I only
have to look at how to make it silent (might be as simple as using a /s
option when running it)

> Also, viostor
> *must* be on floppy, regardless of having it as an installer, otherwise
> it's impossible to bootstrap the install.

Yes, that's why I split things in 2, viostor on the floppy alongside
Winnt.sif so that windows installer finds it and a .exe installer for
the other drivers.

> > Finally, one last thing to solve once all of this is in place is how to
> > distribute these drivers/installers so that gnome-boxes can easily get
> > them.
> > 
> > Any thoughts?
> Probably have the drivers to ship in a distro package file (rpm, deb,
> etc..) with an .iso file and a .vfd (floppy) file, just as RHEL has been
> doing lately.

As long as the drivers cannot be built with the mingw packages shipped with
fedora, this is unfortunately not something that will be easy to get into
repositories in my opinion. Unless the fedora people are ok with picking a
premade iso and sticking this in an rpm, but I'm not sure at all this will
be fine with them. But that would indeed be the best way, gnome-boxes could
then request the installation of this package through PackageKit when


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