Some Boxes questions

Olav: virt-manager also works for me using a Fedora 16 Live CD: what
about trying to run Boxes on it? :-)

BIOS setting: my 17-lb ThinkPad, one of my Mageia test machines,
doesn't seem to have a virtualization setting in the BIOS. Is it too
old? It's a 2005 ThinkPad running BIOS v1.06; v1.16 (2006.12) can be
installed from Windows (but that's not likely to happen unless Windows
is running in Boxes). Needless to say the kvm-intel module refuses to
load. I had hoped to take the ThinkPad to Brno next month, for the
GNOME Docs Hackfest, with Boxes working. Maybe I just need to get it
running on my 5-lb ThinkPad instead.

jhbuild: spice-protocol is outdated (Requested 'spice-protocol >=
0.10.1' but version of spice-protocol is 0.10.0). But that's on
openSUSE where now I get this: gnome-boxes:
/opt/gnome/lib64/ version
`LIBVIRT_GOBJECT_0.0.3' not found (required by gnome-boxes) and it
fails to start. Earlier today when it did start, I got the
qemu+unix///session error.


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