Re: some keyboard shortcuts not working after switching gnome language

On 9/20/06, nick humphrey <nick c humphrey gmail com> wrote:
i am using gnome 2.14.3 on my fedora core 5 box. i had english as my
default language, but then i changed it to italian just for fun and to
learn italian better, but for some reason i can't get these keyboard
shortcuts to work:
open web browser: ctrl+alt+w
open file manager: ctrl+alt+h

they worked fine in english, but not now in italian. my other
shortcuts for open terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and show desktop (ctrl+alt+d)
work though. wierd. any suggestions?

This is a bug.  The weirdness is because, for historical reasons,
keyboard shortcuts are processed in (at least) two different places,
even though there is one overall GUI from the System->Preferences

In technical particulars, gnome-settings-daemon (part of
gnome-control-center) handles the web browser and file manager
keybindings, and metacity handles the open terminal and show desktop
bindings.  There's a bunch of copy-and-paste code (such as
eggaccelerators.*) that the two have in common - it looks like the bug
was fixed in one of these but not the other.  This duplication ought
to be fixed, and I don't think that it's particularly hard or
controversial to fix it, but it's just that nobody's actually working
on it.


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