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Forwarded as it's of interest to GNOME hackers in Perth.

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I've contacted Iain Murray who is giving a talk at IEAust about his work in
this area. See:
See the entry at the top for Wed 11 Aug 2004 5.30 pm 

Iain explained that they are using GPL for their R & D work and will be
speaking about hardware they have developed. Iain spoke a few years ago
about web access for vision impaired people using (then) M$ and costly
proprietary s/w. His move to GPL means access to assistive technologies
without financial barriers.    

This talk would be of particular interest to comp sci and engineering
students who need to consider project proposals for final year and masters
projects. Projects of this type can provide a well rounded exposure to
mechatronics and software development.

His last talk was also interesting because the HCI requirements for
his work gives a new perspective on GUI development. So GUI hackers
might be interested in attending to see what he is doing.

The talks are open to the public and the Joint Electrical Technical Program
committee provide sandwiches, beer and a chance for a chin wag afterwards too


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