Glade 3.40.0 released!

I am sad to announce this will be the last Glade stable release I will make.

Glade is not being actively developed or maintained anymore.
If you are interested in becoming a maintainer please contact us on gitlab.

 - Remove survey
 - Add user manual menu item (Sabri Ünal)
 - 'Clear' action in "Setup Text Attributes" dialog now clears only selected attributes (crvi)
 - Fix issue #502 sync draw-indicator on setting xalign (Caolán McNamara)
 - Fix issue #499 and #509 "Drop overzealous check using only the first child"
 - Fix Segfault in gnome-builder when widget doesn't have a name (Peter Maatman)
 - Fix issue #373 "Move separator in hamburger menu one up, to be consistent with other GNOME applications"
 - Fix build against Python 3.9
 - Fix issue #484 "Crash with GtkRecentChooserDialog"
 - Fix issue #194 "Using List Store can result in program crash."
 - Fix issue #53 "Can't choose a FileChooserDialog for a FileChooserButton"
 - Fix issue #98 #491
 - Fix issue #355 "Make notification text selectable"
 - Fix windows build on msys
 - Fix issue #360 "No examples in documentation on using custom catalogues with gtkBuilder"
 - Fix issue #406 "AtkObject::accessible-role should not be translatable"
 - Fix issue #479 "Glade 3.36.0 segfaults when opening a file"
 - Fix issue #471 "XML not updated after adding element"
 - Fix issue #474 "GtkLabel: setup text attribute issues"
 - Fix issue #480 "version field not always updated in XML"
 - Fix issue pasing widget with ctrl+v in GtkGrid
 - Fix issue #470 "Widgets of type need placeholders to add children"
 - Fix issue #472 "gnome-nightly: About dialog should display git commit rev"


For more information on the Glade project see our home page

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