Geary 3.36.0 released!

Hi all,

Geary 3.36.0 has been released! This is a new stable feature release, with a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and server compatibility improvements.

The new composer includes an updated, responsive interface, drag and drop and copy and paste support for images in rich text messages, a context menu entry for inserting emoji, and improved missing attachment detection.

Undo support as been greatly expanded, including undoing email actions such as marking, moving and archiving, undoing sending email (for up to 5 seconds after pressing Send), undoing discarding an email being composed (for up to 30 minutes after discarding it), as well as undo in text entry fields in such as the search box, recipient and subject lines in the composer, and in the account editor.

Keyboard shortcuts now follow the standard convention of using <Ctrl> combinations. However, a preference has been added to re-enable single key shortcuts for those that prefer them, and these have been updated to match those used by GMail.

Also of note, conversations can now be opened in a new window by double clicking or activating them with the keyboard.

Thanks to all the contributors for their effort, but in particular to the many first-time contributors. As usual, the community has made this another great release.

Geary 3.36.0 is available for download from right now, and will be available from your local distribution's update channel once they have packaged it.


About Geary

Geary is an email application built around conversations, for the GNOME 3 desktop. It allows you to read, find and send email with a straightforward, modern interface.


Version 3.36
Released: 2020-03-13

Enhancements included in this release:
* New and improved responsive composer interface
* Drag and drop image files into rich text messages
* Paste images from the clipboard into rich text messages
* Improved composer missing attachment detection
* Access emoji chooser in composer via shortcut or context menu
* Extend undo for email actions such as archiving, marking
* Undo sending, saving and discarding composed email
* Undo editing in text fields, including in the composer
* Open more than one main window
* New and improved responsive preferences interface
* Using single key shortcuts for email actions is now optional
* Single key shortcuts have been brought up to date with Gmail
* App-wide notification preferences now handled by desktop
* Numerous bug fixes and user interface improvements
* Numerous user interface translation updates

Thanks to all who contributed code fixes and enhancements to this release:
* Adam Dingle
* Adrien Plazas
* Alex Henrie
* Bilal Elmoussaoui
* Chris Heywood
* Daniel Kahn Gillmor
* James Westman
* João Loureiro
* Konstantin Kharlamov
* Mario Ravalli
* Mart Raudsepp
* Niels De Graef
* Tobias Sette
* Torben
* Алексей Шилин

Thanks also to all who contributed translations, for the user interface:
* Alexandre Franke (fr)
* Anders Jonsson (sv)
* Andika Triwidada (id)
* Asier Sarasua Garmendia (eu)
* Balázs Meskó (hu)
* Cheng-Chia Tseng (zh_TW)
* Daniel Mustieles (es)
* Emin Tufan Çetin (tr)
* Enrico Nicoletto (pt_BR)
* Federico Bruni (it)
* Jiri Grönroos (fi)
* Jordi Mas (ca)
* Kukuh Syafaat (id)
* Marek Černocký (cs)
* Nathan Follens (nl)
* Piotr Drąg (pl)
* Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)
* sicklylife (ja)
* Tim Sabsch (de)

And for the user manual:
* Daniel Mustieles (es)
* Emin Tufan Çetin (tr)
* Federico Bruni (it)
* Marek Černocký (cs)
* Piotr Drąg (pl)

======== (2.28M) sha256sum: 8e26aaf9dc1d0112da4a7b6d636721c09adc9458f1aee92e93cd324f42e0bdf6

⊨ Michael Gratton, Percept Wrangler.
⚙ <>

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