GNOME 3.34 released

The GNOME Project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 3.34, Θεσσαλονίκη

This release brings performance improvements in the shell, Drag-And-Drop in
the overview, improved mouse and keybord accessibility, previews in the
background panel, support for systemd user sessions, and more.

Improvements to core GNOME applications include new icons, sandboxed browsing
in Web, gapless playback in Music, support for bidirectional text in the
Terminal, more featured applications in Software, and more.

For more information about the changes in GNOME 3.34, you can visit
the release notes:

GNOME 3.34 will be available shortly in many distributions. If you want
to try it today, you can use the Fedora 31 beta that will be available soon
or the openSUSE nightly live images which include GNOME 3.34.*

To try the very latest developments in GNOME, you can also use Fedora
Silverblue, whose rawhide branch always includes the latest GNOME packages.

If you are interested in building applications for GNOME 3.34, you can
use the GNOME 3.34 Flatpak SDK, which is available in the

This six-month effort wouldn't have been possible without the whole
GNOME community, made of contributors and friends from all around the
world: developers, designers, documentation writers, usability and
accessibility specialists, translators, maintainers, students, system
administrators, companies, artists, testers and last, but not least,
our users.

GNOME would not exist without all of you. Thank you to everyone!

Our next release, GNOME 3.36, is planned for March 2020. Until then,
enjoy GNOME 3.34!

💓, the GNOME Release Team

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