Gnome Commander 1.10.1 released

What is GNOME Commander?

GNOME Commander is a "two-pane" graphical file manager for the GNOME
desktop environment. GNOME Commander aims to fulfill the demands of more
advanced users who like to focus on file management, their work through
special applications and running smart commands.

List of new features

 * Menu entry for (un)selecting files with the same file name suffix
 * Search window can be optionally minimized or moved below the main
   window (can be activated in the Gnome Commander options)

List of bug fixes:

 * List of bookmarks is synchronized between Gnome Commander instances
 * Removed gnome-config references, fixing issue #27 on GitLab

New or updated translations:

 * ar, bg dz, en_CA, en_GB, ga, hr, ne, rw, sq, vi, zh_TW (Elijah Zarezky)
 * de (Mario Blättermann)
 * es (Daniel Mustieles)
 * hu (Balázs Meskó)
 * pl (Piotr Drąg)
 * pt_BR (Rafael Fontenelle)

New or updated docs:

 * de (Mario Blättermann)
 * es (Daniel Mustieles)

The new release can be downloaded from (7.1MB)

A signature file is available at

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