GNOME Shell 3.33.4

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME
Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware
and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a
visually attractive and easy to use experience.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and its
dependencies to build from tarballs.


* Fix unintentional interference between gestures [Jonas; !598]
* Fix unintentional loop while polkit dialog is active [Ray; !602]
* Fix alt-tab icon size on HiDPI [Jonas; !587]
* Style fixes and improvements [Frederik, Jakub; !610, #1446, #1449]
* Fix style updates for non-background CSS properties [Florian; #1212]
* Fix cursor visibility in screen recordings [Illya; #1208]
* Add option for disabling the hot corner [Florian; #688320]
* Use more fine-grained levels in battery indicator [Florian; !561, #1442]
* Fix the calculation of the maximum number of app search results [Jonas; !110]
* Handle horizontal workspace layout with gestures/animations [Florian; !575]
* Improve handling of session mode extensions [Florian, Didier; #789852]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Jonas, Florian, Sonny, Carlos, Mario, Benjamin,
  Marco, Ting-Wei; !599, !600, !591, !606, !152, !607, !604, !495, !608, !611,
  !614, !612, !615, !618, #369, !620, #774, !621, !616, #1065, !609, !626,
  !491, !631, !632, !633, #1457]

  Benjamin Berg, Jonas Dreßler, Frederik Feichtmeier, Carlos Garnacho,
  Illya Klymov, Ting-Wei Lan, Florian Müllner, Sonny Piers, Mario Sanchez Prada,
  Didier Roche, Jakub Steiner, Ray Strode, Jor Teron, Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

  Jordi Mas [ca], Jor Teron [mjw]

  sha256sum: 9dcd81bce1a8ed88d06b100f5d72b57078726bb2338f46be9df32705de3706f6

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