Announcement: GNOME Radio 0.1.0

Dear GNOME Community

I am announcing GNOME Radio and released gnome-radio 0.1.0 and written position paper on GNOME Radio available since 2019-08-07:

You probably want to know the location of a radio broadcast of curiosity or of political, geographically and socially interest.
Resolution to locating Free Audio Maps
The information on the Internet is organized by domain names such as, and as well as by IP addresses, but not by the physical location of the content authors.

I wrote a Data Type Definition for Free Internet Radio elements in 2002 where I published location data about Free Radio stations in XML on and a Graphical Interface written in the C programming language with open-source/free software libraries such as Cairo, Champlain, and Clutter in GNOME 3.
In 2019 I published the Graphical Interface on as part of the GNOME open-source/free software Desktop project.

I have worked as a Free Software developer on the GNOME desktop project since 1998 and I have developed GNOME Internet Radio Locator published as version 2.0.4 since 2002 at Norwegian Computing Center, one of the research foundations in Oslo, Norway doing statistical, mathematical and technical research for private companies, the general public and government bodies.

I spent 5 years between 2014-2019 doing research on which Free Radio stations to include and locate.

The main features in GNOME Radio 0.1.0 are to locate and select audio from a map and play and listen to radio from the map.

By undertaking the work of GNOME Radio in 2019, we will be able to locate Free Radio stations and select audio from a map and play and listen to radio from the map by installing gnome-radio on a computer and identify the location, for politically, geographically or socially purposes.



Cairo, Champlain, Clutter, GStreamer, GTK+

#gnome-radio (IRC)

Happy hacking,
Ole Aamot

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