GdkPixbuf 2.38.0

GdkPixbuf 2.38.0

A new GdkPixbuf release is available at:

GdkPixbuf is a library that loads image data in various formats and stores it as linear buffers in memory. The buffers can then be scaled, composited, modified, saved, or rendered.

GdkPixbuf can load image data encoded in different formats, such as:

 - PNG
 - TGA
 - GIF

Additionally, you can write a GdkPixbuf loader module and install it into a well-known location, in order to load a file format.

GdkPixbuf is used by the [GTK]( toolkit for loading
graphical assets.

Release Notes:

 - Use the Meson build system, and drop Autotools [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Improve the GdkPixbuf thumbnailer [Debarshi Ray]
 - Expose the original image size to GdkPixbufLoader [Debarshi Ray]
 - Move the introspection data for the deprecated GdkPixdata API to its own namespace [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Avoid deprecation warnings with recent libjasper [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Deprecate the `GDK_INTERP_HYPER` filter [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Cross-compilation build fixes [Benjamin Gilbert]
 - Build fixes on macOS and Windows [Chun-wei Fan, Emmanuele Bassi, Quentic Glidic]
 - Add more test cases [Emmanuele Bassi, Jeremy Bicha, Bastien Nocera]
 - This version is API and ABI compatible with the previous stable version of GdkPixbuf
 - Installing the contents of this release will overwrite the files from an installation of the previous version of GdkPixbuf
 - Bugs should be reported on GitLab:


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