BuildStream 1.1.2 released

Hi all,

This is the third release in the 1.1 development series of BuildStream,
and adds a few new interesting features again.

What is BuildStream ?
BuildStream is a flexible and extensible framework for the modelling of
build pipelines in a declarative YAML format, written in python.

These pipelines are composed of abstract elements which perform
mutations on on filesystem data as input and output and are related to
eachother by their dependencies.

buildstream 1.1.2

  o New ref-storage option allows one to store source refs, such
    as git shas, in one central project.refs file instead of inline
    with the source declarations.

  o Deprecated `--track-save` optionality in `bst build`, this
    does not make sense to support now that we have project.refs.

  o Added the `sandbox` configuration option which can be used in
    `project.conf` and elements, to control the user ID and group ID
    used in build sandboxes.

  o Added new `deb` source implementation, for staging of downloaded
    deb package files.

 - James Ennis
 - Javier Jardón
 - Jim MacArthur
 - Jonathan Maw
 - Jürg Billeter
 - Phillip Smyth
 - Rafael Fontenelle
 - Richard Maw
 - Sam Thursfield
 - Tristan Maat
 - Tristan Van Berkom

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the BuildStream project, visit our home page


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