[ANNOUNCEMENT] Gnote 3.28.0 released

Gnote 3.28.0 has been released!

This is the new stable release. You can download it here:

New Features:
  * Client side decoration by default supported on Ubuntu and Pop! sessions
  * Install appdata metadata to new non-deprecated location (#792795)

  * Manual validation fixes
  * Fix gettext-domain in GSettings schema
  * Do not show empty actions menu (#789750)
  * Fix some shortcuts, that are added by context menu (#792859)

  * Updated translations:
    - Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
    - Czech (cs)
    - Danish (da)
    - German (de)
    - Hungarian (hu)
    - Indonesian (id)
    - Lithuanian (lt)
    - Polish (pl)
    - Serbian (sr, sr@latin)
    - Spanish (es)
    - Swedish (sv)
  * Updated Slovenian manual (sl)
  * Updated Spanish manual (es)

Andre Klapper
Piotr Drąg
Jeremy Bicha


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