BuildStream 1.0.0 released

Hi all,

It's my pleasure to announce the first stable release of BuildStream.

As this is our first release, I'd like to take this opportunity to
extend our thanks all who have contributed to BuildStream and made this
release possible, and acknowledge that this extends beyond the commit

The GNOME release team and wider GNOME community who have been very
supportive over this last year, allowing us to sustain interest and
momentum. Our sponsors who have remained excited about the project and
continue to fund it. Various users who have shown interest, tried
BuildStream and have reported issues and enhancement requests.

This release belongs to us all, and thank you all !

What is BuildStream ?
BuildStream is a flexible and extensible framework for the modelling of
build pipelines in a declarative YAML format, written in python.

These pipelines are composed of abstract elements which perform
mutations on filesystem data as input and output and are related to
eachother by their dependencies.

BuildStream 1.0.0
First stable release of BuildStream

BuildStream 1.0.0 is all about API stability - for the past months we
have been reviewing our various API surfaces, implementing strategies
for revisioning of our interfaces and cleaning up. Long term stability
is very important for build reproducibility over time, and this release
is the first promise we are making on any API surfaces.

Stable API surfaces include:
  o The command line interface
  o The YAML user configuration file format
  o The YAML project `.bst` file format
  o The core Python module imported by external plugins

 - Abderrahim Kitouni
 - Andrew Leeming
 - Angelos Evripiotis
 - Antoine Wacheux
 - Chandan Singh
 - Charles Bailey
 - Daniel Playle
 - Gökçen Nurlu
 - Javier Jardón
 - Jonathan Maw
 - Jürg Billeter
 - Justin Erenkrantz
 - Mathieu Bridon
 - Patrick Griffis
 - Paul Sherwood
 - Pedro Alvarez
 - Sam Thursfield
 - Thomas Chetwin
 - Tristan Maat
 - Tristan Van Berkom
 - Valentin David

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the BuildStream project, visit our home page:


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