gps-share 0.2.0

Hi lovely folks,

I'm pleased to announce a second release of gps-share:


- Bump timeout to 3 seconds on reading RS232 devices. 1 seconds is too
little for some GPS devices, e.g NaviLock NL 602U.
- Support devices belonging to USB CDC class (e.g NaviLock NL 602U).
- Use port 10110 by default, the standard IANA nmea-0183 service port.
- Support Galieo, BeiDou, GLONASS, and GNSS devices.

All contributors:

Daniel Aleksandersen <code daniel priv no>
Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>
Zeeshan Ali <zeenix gmail com>


gps-share is a utility to share your GPS device on local network. It
has two goals:

* Share your GPS device on the local network so that all machines in
your home or office can make use of it.
* Enable support for standalone (i-e not part of a cellular modem) GPS
devices in Geoclue. Since Geoclue has been able to make use of network
NMEA sources since 2015, gps-share works out of the box with Geoclue.

The latter means that it is a replacement for GPSD[1] and Gypsy[2].
While "why not GPSD?" has already been documented[3], Gypsy has been
unmaintained for many years now. I did not feel like reviving a dead
project and I really wanted to code in Rust so I decided to create

For more information:


Zeeshan Ali


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