GNOME Internet Radio Locator version 1.5.0

The GNOME 3 release of GNOME Internet Radio Locator version 1.5.0, is available with clickable map markers of Free Internet radio stations for 35 world cities, as well as text-based location search with auto-complete of 76 world cities.

The GNOME 3 release of GNOME Internet Radio Locator version 1.5.0
requires Free Software libraries such as gtk+, geocode-glib, libxml2,
libchamplain, and gstreamer (gst-player) as well as gstreamer-plugins-bad-1.0, gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0 and gstreamer-plugins-good-1.0.

The GNOME 3 release of GNOME Internet Radio Locator 1.5.0 took almost
one half year after the stable GNOME 3 release of 1.2.0 in May 2018.

You may download the 1.5.0 release of GNOME Internet Radio Locator from

Changes since version 1.2.0 in May 2018 (see NEWS):

Version 1.5.0


        * Add dependency on gstreamer-plugins-bad-1.0 codecs
        * Add dependency on gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0 codecs
        * Add dependency on gstreamer-plugins-good-1.0 codecs

        * #1517451 (Red Hat Bugzilla)


        * po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation (Pere Orga)
        * po/de.po: Updated German translation (Mario Blättermann)
        * po/fr.po: Updated French translation (Claude Paroz)
        * po/hr.po: Updated Croatian translation (Goran Vidović)
        * po/id.po: Updated Indonesian translation (Kukuh Syafaat)

Version 1.4.0


        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator.c: Eiffel Tower


        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml: Add France Culture (Paris)
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml: Add France Info (Paris)
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml: Add France Inter (Paris)
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml: Add Radio Revolt streams

Version 1.3.0


        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Calgary, Canada
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Kingston, Canada
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Ottawa, Canada
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Sydney, Canada
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Toronto, Canada
        * src/gnome-internet-radio-locator-markers.c: Waterloo, Canada

You may download the latest development code from

You may report bugs, new features and Free Internet radio stations at

Enjoy Free Internet Radio.

Happy hacking,

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