GUPnP-Tools 0.8.15

GUPnP-Tools 0.8.15

 - Improve desktop files
 - Translation updates

 - Port to meson

AV Controlpoint:
 - Fix building against GtkSourceVIew 4
 - Make it possible to change the UserAgent
 - Remove g_type_class_add_private
 - Fix closing the about dialog

Universal Controlpoint:
 - Fix closing the about dialog

All contributors to this release:
 - Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
 - Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com>
 - Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff gnome org>
 - Marek Cernocky <marek_cernocky conel cz>
 - Kukuh Syafaat <kukuhsyafaat gnome org>
 - Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles contractor bbva com>
 - Tim Sabsch <tim sabsch com>
 - Mario Blättermann <mario blaettermann gmail com>
 - Isaac F. Ferreira Filho <isaacmob riseup net>
 - Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
 - Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
 - Anders Jonsson <anders jonsson norsjovallen se>

Added/updated translations
 - cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
 - de, courtesy of Tim Sabsch
 - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
 - id, courtesy of Kukuh Syafaat
 - pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
 - pt_BR, courtesy of Rafael Fontenelle
 - sk, courtesy of Dušan Kazik
 - sv, courtesy of Anders Jonsson

GUPnP-Tools are available at for download at

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